Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Interview With Frosty the Snowman

In a JUST MY TYPE blog exclusive, I was able to snag the following interview with the illusive "Frosty the Snowman"...

JMT: So, Frosty, you've been a major Christmas season figure for some time now. How is that kind of fame affecting you?

FROSTY: It can get kind of crazy. The paparazzi are everywhere, I can tell you that, and being that everyone knows I dress in an old silk hat, corn cob pipe, a button nose, I'm not that hard to spot. I hate to admit it, but recently I hired some security.

JMT: That bad, huh? Sorry to hear that. But, moving on...I've always wanted to know: what is it that a snowman actually does anyway?

FROSTY: Well, as you know, I have a very limited season each year in which to make my mark. I usually do a couple TV appearances, run down to the village with a broomstick in my hand and play "catch me" with the kids, stuff like that.

JMT: I assume you've seen the TV biobic featuring you with The Magician and the rabbit and all. Any comment?

FROSTY: Yeah -- total trash! I've been trying to sue those guys for years for that unauthorized biography.

JMT: Wow, sorry to get you so...frosted, Frosty. That really hits a nerve, doesn't it?

FROSTY: You bet. Sure, I've had some run ins with the law and such, but mostly with traffic cops for failing to come to a complete stop -- but that story is way out of bounds.

JMT: On a different note, can you explain the origins of the whole "thumpety thump thump" thing in your theme song?

FROSTY: Sure. Originally it was: "Naaaa-naa-naa-nananana, Frosty" then that ripoff Beatle stole it for Hey Jude before we could get the song out there. So we had to go with something we were pretty sure no one else would want in a song. It was my manager who came up with "thumpity" and -- you gotta admit -- you don't hear that anywhere else.

JMT: Well, look Frosty - it's been great talking with you. Good luck on this year's appearances and all. Is there anything you'd like to say as we bring this to a close?

FROSTY: Yeah. I'll be back again someday...

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