Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fleet Foxes Are Taking Over My Brain

It's been awhile since I've been so thoroughly delighted by a new musical discovery, but Fleet Foxes have definitely gotten under my skin. Not since I first heard Sufjian Stevens have I felt as intrigued by this kind of raw creativity, unique artistry and pleasing melodies. As if I needed more confirmation, two of those whom I have played the CD (Fleet Foxes self-titled) have since gone out and gotten their own copies.

I have just ordered Sun Giant so I can't comment as much on that EP (except the video for Mykanos I saw on Youtube which is delightful). However, when it comes to the self-titled album, I have been captured by the sweet harmonies, light touch of "wall of sound" production, lyrical imagery, breadth of instrumentation and simply enjoyable tones as expressed in Quiet Houses, Blue Ridge Mountains and other cuts. There's plenty online about this Seattle-based group, so I will refer you to the plentious background information of this group -- a group which seems to be growing in popularity.

Okay, it's early yet but I can't help but thinking that this is possibly America's answer to Coldplay in the same way that The Beatles and Beach Boys had a friendly rivalry even though their sounds were quite different from one another. Since my encounter with Fleet Foxes, I have been following the trail from their house to other groups or individuals who are said to be of their ilk. So far, they stand alone but trust me to update you if anyone else emerges from the glut of new music purveyors.

I'm having trouble posting videos directly to the blog but here is a youtube link you can get started with:


greenyuppie said...

They are great aren't they? As a whole, there is a heavy influence of C.S.N./S&G yet it seems mostly irrelevant given the otherwise very unique texture.

Stay cutting edge, and keep up with the cool kids. :)


Bill Faris said...

Thanks for the comment. The cool kids were never cooler.