Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jonas Brothers at Saddleback Easter Bash

Hesitated at first, then decided to weigh in on a Facebook thread discussing the Jonas Brothers anticipated performance at the Saddleback Church Easter service at Angel Stadium.

Seems there were a number of folks who objected to the notion of the popular teen idols playing at this event. Some of the comments follow:

"what? for real? what? i'm hoping our church gets britney spears".

"You have got to be kidding me. Did the tickets come with the recent public plea for tithes? I guess Saddleback will do WHATEVER they feel they need to provide something for the masses. What a circus!"

"Whatever happened to the pastor delivering such a memorable message of the reason we celebrate Easter that makes people want to come back to hear more???"

"The motives seem 'off'".

Here is how I responded:

"Could be steppin' in it, but...What is the objection here? Do we know what financial arrangements have been made? Are the guys donating their time or coming at cost? Who knows? For sure, it's risky if it comes off as: "Come for the resurrection, stay for the Jonas Brothers". I get it -- but, if the J Bros offered to play at your church's 30th anniversary/ Easter bash, would you say "no". It's not like I have a personal stake in this (I help lead a house church and we are holding our Easter service on the street!), but I think it might be good to live and let live when it comes to these matters. Just a thought.

Celebrities. Big production worship services. Money. Right and wrong. The motives of high-visibility ministries. Pretty tempting stuff, eh?


Johnnie said...

It's been a while, and no one has commented, which surprises me a bit. So I'll weigh in...

Live and let live is a darn fine way to go, and on this topic, as on most, I'll say yes indeed.


I'll also say that it remains very, very, very possible that 1) the Jonas Brothers are full of you-know-what and are, in fact, empty, shallow, pop culture entertainers who have seized on the niche market in which they can be the most successful, and that hooking up with Rick Warren, whether or not he is paying them for this particular performance, will be extremely rewarding--in the crassest possible sense--for them, and 2) Rick Warren et al may know that the JBs are just con men plying a particular persona for the promise-ring crowd that fills their stadiums, and may want to fill his own stadium and give himself street cred with the young popster crowd............

Not that I'm cynical or anything. I'm just saying.

Bill Faris said...

No, I didn't detect any cynicism on your reply, Johnnie - not that I'm cynical or anything.

Thanks for "weighing in" in any case.

Anonymous said...