Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Mud, More Power....

Thanks to Kristen Benson, I can now post many more photos of our neighborhood mud cleanup from earlier this year.  
The more complete story of the mudslide cleanup appears in an earlier blog post here.  And now for some mud....

Everyone could help, no matter who you were.  Sandbags needed moving, mud needed to be shoveled, the power sprayer needed to do its work.
It was a mud-a-thon!
jOne of our happy helpers: Paul Mills

As if out of nowhere - heavy equipment!  
What a blessing and a miracle!  
BTW: there is a swimming pool under there somewhere...

Young men, mud and insects - a perfect combo!

From back yard to dump truck out front 
courtesy of the handy Bobcat.

Eric Brown Versus Mud... Eric wins!

Organizing the youth brigade.

These females fear no mud!
The shoes tell the news.

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