Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hal Lindsay Was Right

Okay, maybe he wasn't (wasn't right about how the biblical End Times would go down, that is). The Late Great Planet Earth was a huge seller and went a long way towards convincing quite a few of us Jesus People types that Russia would soon be attacking little Israel, God's people would be raptured, and Jesus would come again very, very soon. For a while, Hal was king of the Last Days prophecy tribe and set the tone for others that followed. But once the bloom was off that particular rose, I -- along with many other folks -- found it easy to recycle our copies of Late Great as kindling, Salvation Army donations, door stops or what have you.

But, these days, I find myself revisiting the questions Hal and his kind raised about where the world is going and what kind of spiritual-political agendas may suddenly arise. That's because, in a very short time, we Americans have not only gotten mired in a booger of a recession of our own, but have become inextricably entangled in a worldwide economic rodeo that promises to shake both the developed and developing world alike.

Does all this mean Obama is the antiChrist? Ummmm. No, I don't think it does. But does it mean that the stage has been set for a sort of global "pre-game show" unlike anything we've every seen before? Ummmmm. Yes. More than ever, we are living in days when it feels like anything could happen on the world scene including the kinds of apocalyptic maneuvers that keep the Hal Lindsay's of this world awake at night concocting their latest charts, graphs and showdown scenarios.

I'm not ready to publish my own Late Great Planet Earth quite yet, but I am certainly paying attention to world events in a different way than I have for some quite awhile. How 'bout you?

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