Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Predict...

1. That, very soon, the United States will suffer a major and widespread financial crisis.

2. That the attention now given to man-made global warming will be diverted to the issue of man-made ridiculous executive compensation packages.

3. That our new President will get off to a rough start.

4. The best way to stop fighting in the Middle East will be to give everyone access to a good TV set and a subscription to cable.

5. That the public education system will collapse under its own ponderous weight and the children and their teachers will dance on the rubble.

6. That second-hand smoke will come to be seen as the single most important issue in the entire free world.

7. That Arnold Schwartzenager will spontaneously combust.

8. That religious leaders who are in the public eye will have a tough time making sense to people who do not already believe as they do when it comes to any given subject.

9. That, very soon, both Democrats and Republicans will lose credibility with the public and the US will be ruled by the Queen of the Wood Elves.

10. That Facebook and email will go completely blank for one day and everyone will die as a result.

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