Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Help: I Don't Understand Rock Band or Guitar Hero

Okay, see if you get this concept: you pay money and spend time on a form of entertainment that involves staring at a screen while listening to the same mediocre rock songs over and over while tapping a "guitar" that has no strings or frets and makes no actual music. You do so as prompted by little dots that appear on the screen and explode if you tap correctly. If you're "good at guitar" (or drums, or voice), the screen tells you so. If you're not "good at guitar" then the onscreen "band" stops playing and the "crowd" boos you. Mind you: you are not actually making any "music" at all. You are tapping. This whole concept reeks, right?

Now get this: this "game", which obviously stinks and has no potential, has taken over my once quiet and peaceful home (okay, my home is never quiet and peaceful, but that's a different issue). The issue at hand is (a) how could this happen? and (b) why have I actually participated in this mockery of musicianship on several occassions?

My only consolation is that this generation can now claim to have something with the power to provide a personal sense of accomplishment as satisfying as the one delivered by properly tending a Chia Pet.

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Joe and Erica said...

Don't feel bad, I'm not good at guitar hero. I feel the buttons are too far spaced apart for my tightly aligned fingers.

Of the contemporary interactive video games today, I've often joked that someone, somewhere is going to come out with a karaoke + guitar + DDR game.

If you're not fond of Guitar Hero, don't let your kids know about Rock Band ;)


ps..I've never played rock band.