Monday, January 11, 2010

Our 700 Club Experience

As you may know, Robin and I were the subject of a video piece broadcast last week on CBN's The 700 Club program (Here's the link. Video lasts about 5 minutes):

The backstory is that our good friends, the Tranes, have a son, Max, who was profiled on a 700 Club piece about his remarkable recovery from a fall and the brain injury that followed. Max's mom and dad told the producer about our family's story and, therefore, both families were interviewed seperately during a week in October of last year. They ran the Trane story in November and our story just a few days ago.

Frankly, I was surprised to see how much I was on camera in our piece due to the fact that they spent much more time interviewing Robin while they were here. Nevertheless, it seems they wanted to approach the story from the angle of a husband and his fight for his wife and family after her tragic accident and, all things considered, we were actually pretty happy with their take on things.

A few of the details of a decade ago when the crash took place came back afresh through the video. In particular, I was struck by Mary Kay Bader's sober reminder that Robin could have died any time without warning - especially in the first week to ten days. I really had forgotten about that. I also appreciated her observation that when a brain-injury patient is surrounded by "faith and family" (as she put it) their prospects of recovery are far more hopeful. Amazing.

Of course, in commenting on the piece, a number of our friends said "...but they left out so much!" True, but -- given the paramaters of the story they had time to tell -- they did a pretty good job of including enough details to acquaint someone unfamiliar with the situation with the miracle of Robin's restoration. All in all, we trust that the presentation will bring glory to God and encourage others to fight the good fight of faith, hope and love for their loved ones.

My book, How Healed Do You Want to Be? (Ampelon Publishing), begins with the story of the crash and launches from there into a much wider discussion of healing grace and what it is that is actually being described by the word: healing. has order information if you want to get a personalized copy from the author (me!).

After I first saw the video, I called the Producer at CBN, Rod Thomas, and told him that -- while I was pleased in general -- I did feel that I've got much more of a George Clooney thing going on than the man playing me in the re-enactment segments. Did they attempt to get George to play me, I wondered? Rod assured me that they had indeed tried to get Clooney to play my role but, sadly, he was already occupied. Well, at least I am reassured that I was not the only one who saw the obvious resemblance between myself and the dashingly handsome leading man, Clooney.

If you've got five minutes, I hope you'll take them and have a view. Please leave your comments on what you think, too!

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