Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why You Wish You Were Lebanese

First of all, the food is great. Like lamb? Hummus? Taboolie? Such flavors!!

But, not to be outdone by Adam Sandler's Hannukah ditty, here is a list of some my fellow Lebs. Prepare to be amazed!

Paul Anka, Dick Dale (King of the Surf Guitar), Danny -and Marlo-Thomas, Jamie Farr (Cpl. Klinger of MASH fame), Salma Hayek (need I say more?), "Tiny Tim" (real name Herbert Khaury), Kristy McNichol, Kathy Najimy (Rat Race, Sister Act), Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters, Stripes, SCTV), Keeanu Reeves (this is a cheat because he was born in Beirut but is of Chinese, Hawaiian and American roots), Neil Sedaka, Shakira, Tony Shaloub (Monk), Omar Sharif ("Dr. Zhivago" - born Michael Shaloub to Lebanese parents in Cairo, Egypt), Tom Shidyac (Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor), G.E. Smith (Bandleader of Saturday Night Live house band), Tiffany (teen singer), Frank Zappa (that's right!), Casey Kasem (America's Top 40), Jack Hanna (Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures)

Sports Figures include: John Elway, Doug Flutie and Bobby Rahal.

And don't forget Wendy's Hamburger man, Dave Thomas, pollster John Zogby, heart surgeon Michael DeBakey, fashion designer Joseph Abboud, Mansour Farah (clothing manufacturer), Joseph Marrion Haggar (also in clothing), William Peter Blatty (author of The Exorcist), Gibran Khalil Gibran (poet, writer, and friend of my grandfather).

And, oh yes, ME!

For a far more exhaustive list and for many other things Lebanese, check out:

And, one more thing: My wife, of decidedly British descent, makes the best dang baklava you ever ate!

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